Themed Fire Pit - Round

  • Themed Fire Pit Ring - made in Maine
  • Themed Fire Pit - Round
  • Themed Fire Pit - Round

This round fire pit ring is a great addition to your backyard. Choose from two sizes and a variety of themed graphics.

The pit is painted with high-heat black paint and will develop a rust patina over time due to heat from the fire. Made for years of use. The panels can be bolted (for easy assembly and storage) or can be welded together for additional strength. 


  • Themed graphics
  • Sizes:
    -26" x 26": choose 2 graphic panels
    -36" x 36": choose 2 graphic panels
  • Handcafted for years of use
  • Made from heavy-duty 3/16″ thick steel
  • Made to order (typically takes 2-3 weeks in production)
  • Made in Maine, USA

Graphics note: 
You may need to increase screen size to view graphics in larger size. Some graphics are completely cut out of the ring and some are single line cuts that leave a lot of extra material in the side of the ring. Your campfire will glow through the cuts, backlighting your design choices.

If you opt for bolted sections, a foot and safety rail cannot be added as it is welded to the ring