Love sitting around your fire pit with family and friends? Find it mesmerizing? Can't take your eyes off of the flames? Well, imagine if those flames were green, blue, purple - plus other vibrant hues. They can be!!

Colored fire flames | Backyard Fire Pit Fun

We're excited to announce that we have partnered with a local artisan to help bring this fun experience to our customer base. We are now carrying fire colorant products - exclusive to Backyard FirePit Fun - made right here in Maine by our friends at Colored Flames.

Turn your backyard or camp fire into beautiful rainbow-like colors with these great products. They're simple to use with no mess. The trays are great for gifts, family gatherings, relaxing times, parties, and more.

Colored Flames Fire ColorantsWe know you love your fires as much as we do - and we're here to tell you that these fun products will help you love it even more.

Create a unique fire show!



How do the colors change?
Using elements such as copper, zinc, sodium, and others, your regular fire flame will come alive with pops of greens, blues, & more.

What kinds of fires can I use these colorants on?
We recommend the products for wood-burning fires only. Backyard wood fire pits, campfires, bonfires, fireplaces, etc.

Are these made in China?
Absolutely not! These great products are made by a local artisan right here in Maine, USA. 

Can I cook over my colored flames?
While the colors are created using elements like those listed above, we suggest to toast the s'mores first - and then color the flames.

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